As the developer of residential areas and commercial building, the Company prioritizes environmental aesthetics. From the planning stage to project completion, the Company consitenly complies with the prevailing laws and regulations. this is to ensure the avoidance of violation of law and adverse impact on the surrounding environment in every project implementation.

the company also strives to provide sufficient open areas as natural open spaces to be planted with tress in every residential or commercial project, namely Lexington apartment, the Oasis, Melati Mas Residence, Borneo Paradiso, Serpong Park and Atrium Plaza. Not only preserving environmental aesthetics, open space alseo reduce pollution and enhance water absorption. This initiative is also a part of the Company's effort to suport the zero water run-off program. Aside from the open space, the Company also contructs water and sewage treatment facilities and flood prevention management systems at each of the Company's project.

In addition to the Company's project areas, the environmental management policy is also implemented at the Company's headquarter, the Cowell Tower. The Company has adopted the paperless policy across the Company through document digitalizationand the use of recycled paper for administrative purpose. Moreover, the Company ase encourages employees to conserve eletricity and water in Company's headquarters.

Complaint Mechanism for Environmental Issues

The Company is open to any suggesstions and complaints, especially in relation to the environment at the Company's projects. The suggestions and complaints receveiced will be used in the evaluation by the Company to improve environmental planning and management at the project sites in the future. Although as of 2017 the Company has not formulated an official mechanism in relation to environmental compalints, the Company strives to always respond and handle all complaints submitted direcly, either by customers or business partners, promptly and accurately.