Responsibility to Goods and Services

As a developer, the Company is responsible to the customers concerning after-sales service and quality of the buildings managed by the Company. This responsibility also serves as an evaluation material for the Company in improving the quality of services and residential being constructed to meet the customers’ demand.

Customers’ Health and Safety

In planning business development, the Company always takes into account the health and safety of the customers. The Company always ensures that every project developed and managed by the Company meets the industry standards and the standards set in the prevailing laws and regulations. The Company also ensures that every building or area managed by the Company has been equipped with related facilities such as adequate water supply, waste management system based on the applicable standards, and good security system. The Company also completes each project building with other equips every building with other important facilities such as generators, fire engines, hydrants, and safety equipment. In addition, the Company carries out regular maintenance across the buildings and areas it manages along with the supporting facilities.

Goods and Services Information

As a part of the Company’s transparency to the customers, the Company strives to inform all matters related to every building or area under its management. The Company strives to ensure the availability of full information on the Company’s website; marketing materials such as brochures and flyers; and the Company’s customer service.

Customer Complaints

Customers’ complaints concerning the projects and commercial buildings managed by the Company are a valuable input to the Company’s development. Therefore, the Company accommodates customer complaint through the Company’s website, The channels above have proven to be effective and efficient in facilitating communication between the Company and the customers in handling all complaints related to the Company’s projects. Any complaints received will be acted upon by the relevant division to determine the appropriate settlement measures. Subsequently, the related division will prepare a report for the Company’s internal records. All complaints serve as basis for evaluation for the Company, not only to improve complaint handling, but also to provide services and residentials that meet customers’ expectation.