Employment, Health, and Safety Practices

The welfare, health, and safety of the employees are the Company's top priority. Therefore, the Company is always guided by the prevailing employement pratices as stipulated in law No 13 of 2013 on Manpower. Pursuant to prevailing Law and Regulations, the Company is hoped to be able to implement Human Resources (HR) management responsibilty in accordance with the applicable standarts. THis is intended to ensure employees satisfaction and reduce turnover rate.

Gender Euality and Employment Opportunity

this Company is committed to protecting the right of every employee to equality in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations as well ratified internasional agreements. This committment is manifested in transparant recruitment, performance assessment, and career progression for every employee. The Company also provides the same opportunity to every employee to develop their competency through training, seminars, and comparative studies in accordance with the Company's requirements.

The principle of quality implemented by the Company includes gender equality. The composition of male and female employees in the Company is implemented as necessary in the portion of 65% male employees and 35% female employees. The composition is based on the consideration of the types of work and competency of each employee and employee candidate.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Company always pays attention to the occupational health and safety of the employees, especially for the employees working in the project sites. Therefore, the Company has formulated an Occupational Health and Safety (K3) policy in accordance with Goverment Regulation No 50 of 2012 on Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). This policy has been disseminated to all contractors, partners, and communities around the project. Together with PT PP(Persero) as the contractor, the Company ensures the implementation of OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) by every employee in accordance with the applicable standards and their respective fields of work.

The focuses of the Company's OHS policy are as follows:

  • to ensure the implementation and evaluation of OHS management in accordance with the goverment regulations and related guidelines
  • continuous socialization of OHS management to the staffs and relevant stakeholders
  • to implement OHS management as part of the Company's operational procedure
  • to periodically evaluate OHS management to minmize and mitigate occupational accident, and
  • to monitor and assess OHS management periodically

Occupational Accident Rate

The Company continued to implement the zero accident target in every project site. In line with this target, the Company does not experience any occupational accidents in any project sites in 2017

Education and Training

To support the continuous development of employees, the Company consistently organizes various education and training programs concerning soft skill and technical skill for employees. In addition to internal training, employees are also registered to training programs conducted by external parties. In 2017, the Company organized 26 trainings and registered its employees to xx trainings conducted by third parties.


Remuneration is a token of the Company’s appreciation to the employees and a way for the Company to contribute to the employees’ welfare. The remuneration structure set by the Company consists of basic salary, annual bonus, and several other benefits. The Company also provides allowance for Employment and Healthcare Social Security as regulated by Law No. 24 of 2011 on the Healthcare Social Security Agency. The insurances provided by the Company in accordance with the legislation are as follows: a. occupational accidents insurance; b. retirement insurance; c. pension; and d. life insurance

Employment Complaints Mechanism

All employment issues experienced by the employees or partners of the Company may be reported by the related parties through the Company’s website.