Legal Basis

The Company plans and implements every corporate social responsibility and environmental program in pursuant to Law No. 4 of 2007 Article [3] on Limited Liability Companies and Regulation No. 47 of 2012 on Corporates Social and Environmental responsibility programs that are not regulated in foregoing regulations are implemented in the Company's initiative based on finding on the field. In its implementation, the Company cooperates with various parties to allow all parties involved to collectively utilize the available resources in order to optimize the benefits generated.

CSR Vision & Mision

In implementing the CSR program, the Company focuses on two pillars, namely:

  1. Social Pillar
    The social pillar is manifested in the investment in sustainable community development by improving the quality and welfare of the community around the project.
  2. Economic Pillar
    The economic pillar aims to develop the enhance community welfare through economic empowerment programs such as the employment of the locals and business opportunities for the communities around the project.

CSR Policy

The Company's social and environmental responsibility is carried out in consideration of internal and external aspects. Internally, the Company strives to plan every project responsibly in order to ensure positive impacts and minimize potential or inevitable adverse impacts of the project implementation. While externally, the Company contributes through the development of the surrounding communities through CSR programs, whether they target internal or external parties, are part of the Company's tangible contribution to community development efforts within the Company.

The Company is committed to implementing CSR and environmental as needed by the community and the environmental around the project site. As the manager of the project, the Company cooperates with contractors and other parties that are involved in the comprehensive implementation of CSR.

Moreover, the Company also implements relevant CSR programs based on the identification of actual needs of the community. this is done to ensure the effectiveness of the programs based on the needs, social conditions, and the environment. Several social responsibility and environmental programs that were carried out by the company in 2017 include programs in the areas of environmental awareness, community development, and public facilities construction.

CSR Programs

the Company prioritizes the following social and environmental responsibilty programs.

  • Responsibility to environment
  • Responsibility to Occupational Health dan Safety
  • Responsibility to Social and Community Development
  • Responsibility to Goods and Services, as well as Customers