Local employment utilization

The Company consistently prioritizes the utilization of local workers as part of its contribution to national economic development. In 2017, the Company’s HR consist of 100% local workers.

Community Empowerment

The Company also provides the communities around the project the opportunity as local workers to participate in every development project of the Company. These projects include The Oasis in Cikarang, West Java and Lexington Apartment in South Jakarta. In the implementation, the recruitment process is conducted in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the Company.

Other Donations

In addition to the foregoing programs, the Company also gives donations as a part of the community empowerment program. The donation program is conducted based on the findings on the field of the needs of the communities around the Company’s project areas. Throughout 2017, the Company conducted the following programs:

  1. The Company through a project of its subsidiary, Lexington Residence, provided money and bicycle donation to the Annajah Orphanage in South Jakarta. The donation was intended to cover the operational cost of the orphanage and education for 60 orphans age 10-17.
  2. The Company provide money and bicycle donation to special-need, underprivileged, and abandoned children at the Bhakti Luhur Pamulang foundation, South Tangerang. The foundation provides a shelter for children with special needs in the vicinity of a project of the Company’s subsidiary, Melati Mas Residence.

Anti-corruption Procedure

The Company rejects all forms of corruption both within and outside the Company. This commitment is realized through the anti-corruption policiy set forth in the Company’s Anticorruption Policy, containing codes of conduct on acts of corruption, collusion, and nepotism within the Company. The policy includes:

  1. The Company’s Anti-Corruption Commitment
  2. Code of Conduct in Interaction with Contractors
  3. Code of Conduct in Interaction with Vendors
  4. Code of Conduct in Internal Relationship
  5. Code of Conduct in Relationship with Customers

This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners and disseminated to all contractors and partners. As of 2017, all 564 employees have signed the Anti-corruption Policy.